Hey there, I’m Cat!

I haven’t always been an adventurer, but I’ve always loved to travel. I’m never happier then when I’m surrounded by new sights and smells, an unfamiliar road unrolling before me. Windows down, music up, and the wind in my hair. I’ve got a tragically long list of road trip songs, and I’m constantly searching for a journey long enough to listen them all.

Travel was a huge part of my life growing up, whether it was a trip to Cornwall to visit my granny, or two weeks in India – a country so loud and vibrant that my teenaged self hardly knew how to handle it. I’ve come a long way since then.

Through university I travelled solo through Thailand, took weekend trips to Paris, Amsterdam, Edinburgh and Dublin, and generally enjoyed every single thing that London had to offer. For one memorable week I drove the precipitous mountain roads of the south of France, exploring hidden ruins, tiny market towns, and falling in love with the unknown.


It’s entirely possible that a sleepy village by the sea in the Pyrenees was where my story really began. Three years later I moved to the other side of the world and made New Zealand my new adventure. I’d never even visited. I blame Peter Jackson for making it look like paradise, and my best friend for telling me the coffee was the best in the world. Neither of them undersold it.

New Zealand became my second home. The place where I fell in love with silence and the great outdoors. The country that inspired me to pick up a camera so that I would never forget the way that the sun looked as it set over the Pacific, or the unbelievable blue of the sea on a cloudless summer day. I was never more than twenty minutes from the water. I learned to surf. I got used to walking everywhere barefoot. My skin smelled like saltwater and sunshine. I never went back to London.

Ten years later and I’m based in Sydney. Another place where the ocean is never far away. I suppose it was inevitable that sustainability and responsible travel would become progressively more important to me. I’m definitely not an expert, but I figure that we all have to start somewhere!

Every day is a chance to learn something new, and Cat’s Nine Lives is all about me sharing that journey with you. I want to help you see the world through fresh eyes. Whether it’s through my photography, writing or weirdly sarcastic sense of humour, I hope that you find some inspiration here to start your own life of adventure.

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